Now there is REAL HOPE for your child

Need some help studying? - Study Buddy can help!

Study Buddy is next-generation Afrikaans and English multisensory learning software. Afrikaans Grades 4-6 are currently available, and runs on Windows PC and Apple Mac (mobile app coming soon).

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There is currently some software relief for English-only students with learning challenges, but we were not happy with the status quo. So, we developed the next-generation Afrikaans and English multisensory studying software.

It's all about HOPE

Imagine if your child could read and study on his own - in his home language - without any assistance from you.

Imagine how that will change his self confidence, his life - his future.

All students will benefit from using Study Buddy, with or without learning/reading problems.

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First of its kind for Afrikaans and English. Text, Voice, Video - all working together.

SA Languages

Afrikaans currently available (Gr. 4-6). English coming soon.


Groundbreaking, next-generation innovation. Any PC or mobile device.


We are working to provide all Grade 4 - 12 subjects. Quality controlled. Exam-ready. Approved by the SA Dept. of Education.

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